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Experience relief from stress with Dr Bob Rakowski's Stress Release drops, designed to promote better sleep and reduce stress in your body. These drops offer support for stress, and anxiety, and improved sleep quality, allowing you to sleep longer and deeper. Each 50 ml bottle provides approximately 90 doses, each being 0.5 ml.

The ingredients in these drops include:

  • L-THEANINE: Each dose contains 100 mg of L-Theanine, which promotes brain function, boosts immunity, relieves stress and anxiety, and supports sleep quality by increasing neurotransmitter and GABA receptor levels. (PMID: 35445053, PMID: 35449538)

  • GABA: Each dose contains 25 mg of GABA, which acts as an antidepressant, sedative, antihypertensive, antidiabetic, anticancer agent, and immune system enhancer. It helps relieve stress, anxiety, and improves sleep. (PMID: 33251370)

  • Methylated B12: Each dose contains 1500 mcg of Methylated B12 (Methylcobalamin, Adenosyl cobalamin & hydroxocobalamin), which supports red blood cell formation, bone health, enhances mood, boosts energy levels, supports heart health, healthy hair, skin, and nails, aids DNA synthesis, cellular energy production, and aids gut microbiota functions. (PMID: 35889782)

  • LEMON BALM: Each dose contains 5 mg of Lemon Balm, which promotes stress relief, supports anxiety reduction, and cognitive function, eases insomnia, indigestion, nausea, menstrual cramps, tooth and headache symptoms, and exhibits antifungal activity. (PMID: 35730441)

  • CHAMOMILE: Each dose contains 2 mg of Chamomile, which relieves menstrual pain, helps lower blood sugar, eases osteoporosis development, has anti-inflammatory properties, and supports relaxation and mild skin conditions. (PMID: 35454969)

  • BERGAMOT: Each dose contains 2 mg of Bergamot, which supports digestion, alleviates anxiety, exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, and helps manage blood glucose levels. (PMID: 35625775)

  • MINT: Each dose contains 2 mg of Mint, which is rich in nutrients, eases Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms, relieves indigestion, supports brain function improvement, decreases breastfeeding pain, alleviates cold symptoms, and masks bad breath. (PMID: 35994817)


Other ingredients include MCT oil, water, and sunflower lecithin. For more information about the drops, including FAQs, videos, and webinars, visit:


Dr Bob's Stress Release protocol recommends using 0.5 ml of the drops with 2 Organo Ganoderma Spore powder capsules every waking hour for 7-10 days. Watch the video here:


For support or guidance, feel free to email us at


About Dr Bob Rakowski:

Dr Bob Rakowski is a Chiropractor, Board Certified Kinesiologist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Biological Terrain Instructor, and the clinic director of the Natural Medicine Center in Houston, Texas. With over 29 years of international lecturing experience, Dr Rakowski is an expert in Natural and Lifestyle Medicine, Happiness, and Success. He has appeared on various television programs and international radio talk shows. Dr Rakowski specialises in functional endocrinology and in-office diagnostic procedures for assessing nutrition status. He has treated a wide range of patients, from elite professional athletes to those with critical illnesses like cancer and autoimmune diseases. Dr Bob Rakowski is dedicated to helping people achieve health, happiness, and success.


Please note that these drops are food supplements and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Consult your doctor if you have a medical condition or are on medication. Keep out of reach of children.


Storage instructions:


  • Shake before use.
  • Do not freeze the bottles as the dropper tube may shatter.
  • Do not refrigerate as the coolness can make it difficult for the ingredients to combine properly when shaken, resulting in a slightly different taste.
  • Best when taken at room temperature for optimal taste and mixing. Warmer than room temperature may affect the taste.

Dr Bob's Stress Release Drops - Single Bottle

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